Vinyl sticker application

How to apply stickers in general

Basic sticker application instructions

Position the lettering in the desired place and secure temporarily with a high tack masking tape as shown opposite

Apply masking tape along the top edge of the lettering or graphics and the surface its being applied to thus creating a hinge

When dealing with large letters or long
lengths of lettering cut in between each
individual letter first as shown opposite

Lift up the vinyl on its hinge and completely
remove the backing paper as shown opposite and put this to one side for later

Slowly and carefully allow your vinyl to
come back down and make contact with
the surface its being applied to

Using a squeegee with a firm pressure 
start at the top center, work downwards
and outwards when applying the lettering
to the surface

Start removing the application tape at one
corner and slowly draw it back on itself
at 180 degrees as shown opposite

To ensure the vinyl is firmly attached cover it with the backing paper, the shinny side facing
the vinyl, and squeegee again.  Any air bubbles pop them with a pin and squeegee again.

Other notes-
Try to avoid application during cold periods it makes it more difficult.
Ensure you are applying to clean grease or oil free surface. While vinyl will adhere to most hard surfaces including glass some plastics it will not adhere to so test a small piece first.
There are many YouTube videos and instructions if you are unsure and have not applied vinyl graphics before.

If you happen to make a mistake we can often supply spare parts of a decal so you do not always have to purchase a complete item. Our spares are listed HERE and we will be adding updates weekly